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dc slang, a girl dats down to suck D**k.or perform oral pleasures, suckie suckie
SLim u c shorty over there, i'm tryin to get dat bop asap.

Keisha gave me bop, give me bop.
by 10th pl September 26, 2007
98 88
A light tap on the head with a closed fist, or blow up mallet (other objects also work). Usually meant playfully.
Male Friend: She looks goooood!
Female Friend: Perv *bop*
by Buncy August 05, 2004
31 29
Term used to describe an idiotic action, mistake or down-right fuck up. Usually occupied with a bop on the head.
"Can't think of an example" "BOP!"
by Jeordiercks December 26, 2011
1 0
Robbery. Got over on. You got took or robbed for your goods.
You got charged extra? "oh, you got bopped"
"They came up in your spot and took it all? Ah, thats the Bop"
"the clerk only rang up two when I had four, that was the Bop"
"You got bopped when they gave you the fake stuff"
ILL BOP You if your in pocket.
by upintheu June 03, 2011
2 1
Girls named Jenny.
Guy1: "Hey how was that bop last night"
Guy2: "Oh you mean Jenny. Yeah she was alright, for a bop."
by The Based God March 18, 2011
4 4
burst out pooping
After I ate all that Chipotle the other day and you told that funny joke I thought I was going to BOP so hard.

That corn made me BOP.
by bigbird1989 December 08, 2010
6 6
"Bank Ova Partners", used to show more interest in money than making friends...
Dude: Watup man yo musik fire, let's chill out sometyme

Eazy: Mann, B.O.P bitch!!!
by -Eazy- August 01, 2009
3 3
word found in DC, MD, and VA (DMV) meaning blowjob.
David: what are you doing tonite Joe?

Joe: Oh nothing, just getting the bop from my girlfriend!

David: nice one!
by rodfgravy March 31, 2009
7 7