dc slang, a girl dats down to suck D**k.or perform oral pleasures, suckie suckie
SLim u c shorty over there, i'm tryin to get dat bop asap.

Keisha gave me bop, give me bop.
by 10th pl September 26, 2007
Cambridge University slang for disco
Jibson: I handed out disposable cameras to encourage fellow revellers to photograph me at the bop.
by curtisjibson September 18, 2007
noun: dance (Popularized in the 1940s to 1960s)
noun: a blow with the first, a club, etc
verb: to hit (somone)

verb: to masturbate. Popularized by Cyndi Lauper in 1984 with her song "She bop" (that promoted masturbation).
noun: the act of masturbation

1) He went to his Ballroom and Bop class (this example would be strange in the 2000s, but it may be encountered in literary works from the 1940s to 1960s)
2) MOMMY, he bopped me in the head with that book!
3) Son, you know you shouldn't bop your brother. A bop in the head is not nice! (
4) Hey, Sara, have you ever bopped? I've never done that before and I want to know what it feels like.
5) Don't come in the room! I'm bopping to a porno video!
by Roxcyn February 11, 2006
Term used to describe an idiotic action, mistake or down-right fuck up. Usually occupied with a bop on the head.
"Can't think of an example" "BOP!"
by Jeordiercks December 26, 2011
Robbery. Got over on. You got took or robbed for your goods.
You got charged extra? "oh, you got bopped"
"They came up in your spot and took it all? Ah, thats the Bop"
"the clerk only rang up two when I had four, that was the Bop"
"You got bopped when they gave you the fake stuff"
ILL BOP You if your in pocket.
by upintheu June 03, 2011
boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other; commonly used in terms of anger of jealousy towards that person
I got myself a new bop after my old one screwed me over.
by karateounch1996 October 27, 2009
To quickly punch someone in the nuts, usually a friend or acquaintance, while loudly exclaiming the word, "BOP!" Naturally, it should be a surprise to the receiver.
Just as he was taking a drink of his whiskey, he got a BOP! and spilled the drink everywhere, doubling over in pain.
by Dr. Bop January 07, 2015
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