A form of walking with exaggerated movements or gestures. Usually a strange swagger or a false limp is employed, somtimes with one or both arms swinging. The purpose of the bop is to give the performer a tough or self confident image, and in the case of a limp, to suggest that he has been the victim of a shooting somewhere in his leg or waist. The more ridiclous looking the bop is, the bigger a pussy the person is likely to be. Laughing aloud at one of these performers will usually be greeted with no more than a scowl or frown, known as a screwface. If you happen to get in the way of a bop the performer may 'kiss his teeth' and may even attempt to barge past you. Do not hesitate to reprimand the performer, he is quite harmless. He may incinuate that he has a loaded pistol by cocking his fingers like a gun. It is unlikely.
Feel free to add more examples, these are examples I have witnessed -

the brixton slide - one leg walks almost normally while the other (usually highlighted with a rolled up trouser leg)is swung by the hip, so that the foot drags along the floor.

the battersea clock bop- along with a strange swagger, one arm is swung in front of the body in a pendulum like motion from left to right, as if the performer is miming a walking grandfather clock.

the Richmond hop - the performer takes three large steps, and on the fourth makes a small hopping movement. For example, he would take three steps, right foot, left foot, right foot, and instead of going back to the left he propels himself into the air off the right, lands back on the right foot and plants the left to begin the sequence again. It sometimes resembles a sprinter warming down after a race.
by El Watusi June 28, 2006
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A name to call a female who gives head to anyone. They call them a bop because when they give head they bop there heads.
That lil bop was messing with my man last night!
by Eyebis June 11, 2005
Also means give head (blowjob)
She said she waas going to bop me today
by Sarah April 04, 2005
when someone recieves/gives oral sex
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
A dance usally seen at parties or fiestas. Also seen when a person is turning up. Known regulary in Chicago, IL
by turn_up_child July 17, 2013
"Bops" A Word Do Describe A Young Female.
Dawg Iam not Trying To Hang Out With Them "Bops",All They Are Is Trouble!
by Finger Pop'n Paul June 14, 2006
im from the by and being a bop means u basically are a slut and known for being one.also known as a hoochie. know that one girl....she a bop.
by iknowbops July 10, 2008
a long or short walk to a certain destination
"a yo dats a long bop from north ave. to charles st. You mine as well catch da bus my nigga."
by von junyor March 13, 2009

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