The close cousin of Thirsty Thursday.
Booze Day Tuesday if for those who just cannot wait until Thursday to get sloppy drunk.
R: Dude, I really have to write this biology lab report!
D: No way! It's Booze Day Tuesday!
R: I thought we were drinking on Thirsty Thursday?
D: I can't wait that long.
by Team Sexy Bitches April 21, 2011
Top Definition
The unknown full term for Tuesday. Can be used as an excuse for getting wrecked on a Tuesday night. Mainly used in Scotland, where binge drinking is very popular.
'Hey man, wanna go to the pub?'
'Yeah! It's Boozeday Tuesday!'
'Oh Yeah'
by john freezin February 06, 2008
The art in ANY form of getting completely shitfaced annihalated on a tuesday !
its boozeday tuesday, whose comin to get f*cked up !
by rushesh October 05, 2010
1. The day in which it is customary to binge drink natty light and play monster games of beirut in Rachel and Steve's apartment.

2. The day in which Hansen thinks it would be more fun to do something else.
1. "Moira carried me to bed after I passed out on the floor on Boozeday Tuesday"

2. "We need to get a keg! Its Boozeday Tuesday wooooohoooo
by Stan "Hurls" Curley July 24, 2008
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