Not only is a boozehound someone who likes to drink but you must also be damn good at it.
I'm a mother fucking booze hound champion bitch! COLLEGE!
by Boozehound champion July 19, 2005
Top Definition
a person known for their uncommonly large alcohol consumption and the ability to function there after.
Damn son your a booze hound!
by B.H November 11, 2002
1. (n.) Member of a group who has extremely high tolerance with regards to alcohol and rarely succumbs to vomiting. The boozehound is a frequent drinker who is able to consume large quantities while still maintaining social competency. Typically, boozehounds receive the admiration of others for this special talent; however, as a result of this tolerance, the boozehound must develop a fondness for beast. Hobbies include beer pong, shot checkers, and power hour.

2. (n.) He who holds the "drinking title".
“Ah man, I really wish the boozehound was here to party with us tonight.”
- “Yeah, I know what you mean. But hey, without him here, we finally have some beer to drink for once.”

“Hey boozehound, how many beers is that for you?”
- “Oh, that’s about my 47th.”
by Greg March 25, 2005
One who puts the consumption of alcohol above all responsibility, family, and friends. Possesses a strong love only for alcohol and alcohol-centric situations. Consumes alcohol every free chance they get. This person usually says things like "i need a beer" or "jeez i could really use a drink or 30". This person's automobile can be commonly and frequently seen parked outside of local pubs and bars. Refuses rides even when obliterated. Very angry and edgy. Smiles only when intoxicated. Always complaining that they are at work/school and not at a bar. Always at a bar when they are not at work/school.
"Wow, Kristen's car is out in front of the Adam's Bar again? Damn, is she a booze hound!"
by Igor Mantooth April 14, 2010
A person whose innate ability to sniff out (similar to a bloodhound, hence the namesake) an excuse to drink at any time or any place.
Elly is a real booze hound, she takes a shot after every Touchdown, fieldgoal, firstdown, turnover, and extra point.
by Baraq March 18, 2008
Someone who drinks liquor like an absolute cunt.
"That fuckin' booze-hound drinks 2 bottle's of 'Bundaberg O.P' per day."
"Yeah what a rumpig!"
by Diego September 04, 2003
A guy who seeks out extremely drunken sexual partners from a bar. normally to add one more to his one night stand totempole
It obvious that Greg the boozehound is horny and seeking out his next victim of his one night stands
by The amazinggeek April 08, 2015
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