Margot Kidder in Superman 3.
Margot Kidder is a fucking booze-hound in Superman 3
by The Admiral July 08, 2003
A Booze Hound is somebody who loves a drink at any time of the day in any place and sonsumes large quantities of alcohol before during and after work.
Kate McAllister is pissed again, christ almighty she is a MASSIVE BOOZE HOUND

Kate McAllister was on it last night - what a MASSIVE BOOZE HOUND

Kate McAllister has just been on facebook - seriously what a MASSIVE BOOZE HOUND
by carl nawagamuwa June 15, 2007
Like to drimk, alcoholic.
That drunk is such a boozehound.
by Lucy Renae March 18, 2005
A skeletal thin, dirty old man that hangs out in seedy dive bars that are frequented by others like him. Chain smoking often accompanies the heavy drinking, more than likely cheap generic cigarettes purchased by the carton. Money saved on cigarettes allows for more money to be spent on booze. The booze hound can easily be spotted by his weathered face, wrinkled skin and dirty clothes permanently stained with the smell of old sweat. He looks like he could be the town drunk, because he probably is. The booze hound will smell like booze even when he isn't drinking because he is so soaked with booze internally that the smell of alcohol permeates from his pores.
When the Clarksburg Inn burned down, the regulars, a.k.a the old booze hounds, had to find somewhere else to go.
by Jay Dog June 19, 2010
a person that drinks non stop, all day, everyday.
That Steph is a real booze hound.
by Sumyungu June 25, 2003
a person you drink a ton of alcohol and gets shit faced until they puke all over the place
andie is a booze hound she puked all over sparwood
by aNdIe May 07, 2003
The 1st Booze Hound is Eric Roche aka Mr Winkie From OBH3.. this man could drink a full liter of beer in 7 sec.
There are only 5 original Booze Hounds from Osan.
Sexy for 8 sec is not a booze hound...he's a dick hole!
by booze hound #1 January 01, 2011
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