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noun: the warmth generated by a sufficient amount of alcohol consumption. This booze blanket allows one to dress as scantily clad as desired and withstand the marine layer which falls upon the late nights of Isla Vista.
prude: "You're going to freeze your ass off if you go out wearing the dress you borrowed from that hooker!"
skank: "No I won't, not if I finish consuming this alcoholic beverage and get a good booze blanket going!"
by Mer-n-Era October 18, 2005
The warm feeling one has despite weather conditions while being intoxicated. This allows one to able to forget their hoodie, go topless to a freezing cold sporting event, freely go streaking, and other desirable acts that involve little clothing.
Bro-Smo: Dude it is balls cold out here, why do you have a t-shirt on?

Mike: Man I got my booze blanket on, im about to take this frickin' shirt off.

Bro-Smo: Didn't think about it, post up while I get some beer for my booze blanket.
by Mr.Party April 21, 2010
When you don't need a jacket because you're drunk.
I'm so drunk I don't need your stupid jacket. I'm wearing my booze blanket.
by Foss the boss April 06, 2014
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