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A small furry woodland creature found in the porta-potties in Wilmore, Kentucky.
Booya, fuzzy thing! You are now scented with eau de toilette!
by Countess Gweeda. March 25, 2004
As a result of sucking penis Mary had booya all over her face
by Dr. Ed Macjowers July 08, 2003
What sports fans do when their team loses.
When you win, they cheerya, when you lose, they booya!
by Opera Barb August 26, 2004
A masterpiece of pornographic work.
UR: BOOOYA!!!!!!
by Israel March 15, 2004
booya: Derives from booyakasha; meaning death to all white men. Blacks would use this as an exclaimation.
Once, this would be said at almost anything.
by The Educator December 10, 2003
Better than booyah.
Stressed version: "Booya went right throughya!"
"Booyah? Naw, dude... Booya!"

Person 1: "Booya!"
Person 2: "Oh yeah? Well, Booya went right throughya!"
Person 1: "...Oh."
by Jeffrey August 27, 2003
an exclamation used by ron stoppable, from kim possible, when something really good happens. fa sho
all right kim, we did it, booya!!!
by Eddie Parker February 14, 2004