The word Sterwart Scott, an ESPN Sportscenter anchor, over uses to make himself sound black and gangster, when in actuallity he is a weak neard
Sterwart scott giving a play by play: and here comes the pitch Booya Barry bonds sent that one into orbit, its outa here.
by Justin 22 July 21, 2005
The style of haircut in the early 90s where men would buzz cut the lower half of their head and let the top half grow out, usually long enough to pull into a ponytail.
He had a booya hairstyle.
by dream November 13, 2004
Balls Out of Your Ass. It is a video inwhich a well endowed black man pulls his member out of a small white womans vagina, next he pulls his balls out of the womans asshole. I think someone mudders booya after they come out.
"Yo i like was double-pentratin this hoe all by myself, when i was done it be like Booya!"
by Bennn HOWARDZ September 10, 2006
A spicy dish of grilled hamburger and chicken over toast. When preparing the hamburger and chicken pieces, mix in the cayenne pepper, hot sauce (your choice, any variation of hot sauces will suffice), onions, and tomatoes. Form the mixture into patties and fry each side until well done. Serve on toast.
Ron was overzealous and made the toast before Al browned the booya for supper.
by Robster T-man May 06, 2008
An ebonic word used by individuals of poor education and very limited vocabulary as an exclamation and is a fine example as to why third world countries are kicking our ass in academics.
After the job applicant used the word booya during his interview I threw his application in the trash can, I dont want my customers thinking I have a convict working for me.
by Jolly Roger March 17, 2004
it's like, SHIT MAN! that's totally sweet!
person 1: i just baked a whole batch of cookies.
person 2: booya!!!
by Anonymous November 18, 2002
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