Gang terminology for the sound that a shotgun blast makes. First made known to the public outside of Los Angeles with the introduction of the rap group "Booya Tribe". Definition was revealed in Rolling Stone magazine about a decade ago or more.
Colonel Sanders likes to instigate gang violence by incorrectly using the term "booya". Go Colonel. Go Colonel.
by badseed72 July 27, 2004
A word of celebration.
Baby we got this Booya!
by Khazzmirah February 20, 2004
A little victory
I just found a quarter. Booya!
by tuna_wasabi December 08, 2009
A common database flag to mark erroneous values
Did you check out the booya tags in the reference tables?
by Jason Alexander November 27, 2006
A celebratory statement, usually an outcry when something pleasantly unexpected happens.
BOOYA! I just saw a babys wiener!
by quoyle October 01, 2006
The word Sterwart Scott, an ESPN Sportscenter anchor, over uses to make himself sound black and gangster, when in actuallity he is a weak neard
Sterwart scott giving a play by play: and here comes the pitch Booya Barry bonds sent that one into orbit, its outa here.
by Justin 22 July 21, 2005
A catch phrase that Stuart Scott cannot get over and uses ever other sportscenter highlight. It is said when one person makes an amazing play or schools an oppnent.
LeBron pulls up for a three and tells the wizards booya, in ya face.
by Goose January 07, 2004

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