A term expressing joy, excitement, or triumph. An anglicised form of the Spanish word 'bulla', which is pronouced the same and means "noise or racket".
I got first place! Booya!
by Kim Siever February 07, 2007
An exclamation originally derived from the sound that a shotgun makes when being fired
blasting too high no need for the boo ya/
that's what it's like with the pump shot to ya
by Eastbaybochat May 05, 2008
His Grace is sufficient for me.
Being complex is no way to live- just BOOYA!
by LighthouseintheNight September 20, 2011
referring to a victory...usually used by nerds and morons.
"I just kicked your ass....Booya"
by BigChong January 03, 2008
A sort of chant or shouted word when for example you score a goal in foosball or have just pumped a bullet into someones chest.
"Booya Bitches 20-nothing to me"
by snakeeyes July 29, 2006
Booya is the rural new jersey term for a blunt ride, L ride, burn ride, bowl ride and burn sesh. This is always done in a car with a group of people. Mostly found inbetween the border of jersey and pa.
Me and my boys are going on a booya.
by z tastic November 29, 2010
Slang; when roughly translated means: I concur wholeheartedly, my African American friend.
1) pass that shit!
by capt skim April 13, 2005

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