another word for, "In yo face MoFo!", or "I told yo ignate ass!" It's also considered a bad catch phrase from the ninties. A lot of wangstas (wanna be gangstas) use this term not knowing it's lame affect on the person who is listening which could result in someone busting a cap in that persons ass.
Shane: I totally just banged Naomi so hard!
Maranda: You better get checked I heard she has the "goods" (ghonerhea in this case)!!!!
Shane: No she doesn't!
Maranda: Yea really she does!
Shane: FIne I'll get checked and then we'll see, I'll prove you wrong!
Maranda: whateva playa!

****2 days later****

Maranda: Well? How'd it go?
Shane: I got Ghonerhea from that SLUT!
Maranda: Boo Yaaaa mother fucker!!
( I told yo ignate ass)

Get it? Got it? GOOD!
by Omar Muhamid May 17, 2005
An embarrassing phrase that should never be used, especially when talking to 22 year olds...because it is ancient to them and immature.
"I got a movie for us"
"Boo ya!" (wow im embarrassed for saying that, he must think i'm sooo wierd)

by immature19yearold December 16, 2010
When a man inserts his testicles into an anus and then pulls them out: Balls out of your ass. Commonly the male will say "Booya".
Dude, I totally B.O.O.Y.A.'d this chick. I think I might need to go to the clinic.
by pizzatime May 24, 2009
Used to express joy
*Albuquerque PD Officer shoots unarmed man 5 times with an M4 assault rifle*

by parenthesistruth July 24, 2014
to accept responsibility for wrong doing while simultaneously acknowledging the fact that you don't give a fuck and will continue to do as you please.
in stead of "I'm sorry but i don't care" just say "Boo Ya Bitch!
by #TEAMAWESOME January 24, 2011
boo-ya means in your face! you could say BOO-YA if you were correcting someone. very excited!!!!. or really mad!!!!
BOO-YA in yo face!!!
by Love_Live_Laugh_SMILE! February 16, 2010
an exclaimation uttered by a black man after removing his nuts from a woman's asshole
(black man pulls nuts out of girl's ass).....(popping noise).....BOO YA!!
by the shookmeister July 20, 2006
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