Tiger Woods' real faith and religion.
Simon: did you hear that Tiger have cured his nymphomania with Buddhism?

John: No, mate! It was Bootyism...
by GTita April 09, 2010
Top Definition
a religion originating in the east(coast) encouraging the endowment of large quantities of (female) booty, getting booty, banging booty, etc.
1)I've recently converted to bootyism. 2)Since the divorce, I've been able to practice bootyism.
by Steve January 06, 2003
a religion originating encouraging the endowment of large quantities of booty, getting booty, banging booty, etc.

Tiger wood's proclaimed religion
"Hey did you hear Tiger Woods is reinvesting himself in his Buddhist faith"

"No I think you're confused with Bootyism and from what I have heard, he has been pretty invested in his faith for a long time."
by Mr Hedon April 08, 2010
1) Like Alcoholism, bootyism is extreme sex addiction triggered by craving booty (hind quarters) to the point of making life unmanageable.

2) Often a poor attempt at humor, bootyism is an ignorant or scathing reference of the religion of Buddhism.
1) A fortune and a career were lost when Hugh Grant's bootyism drove him to get busted buying sex from Divine Brown on the streets of Los Angeles.

2) Chumley was so moronic last night, an attractive woman rushed away from him after he joked about Bootyism being his religion.
by Mojo Filter April 09, 2010
Tiger Woods' professed religion of choice.
Sorry, Elin, I was just at the temple studying some new Bootyist techniques I read about. You know, I'm really into Bootyism.
by hard cora April 09, 2010
Bootyism is a up in coming religion. This religion follows the booty it's self in which is a gift from Lenny. Lenny is also know commonly as the booty face and found in the song "give me the booty" one of the first known odes to our mighty booty god. One of the main holla days (holidays but cooler) is on September 12th that is when we celebrate our birthing from the womb of Lenny, this day is to be devoted to booty popping and adding things to our booty shrines. Bootyism is your devotion and love of butts no matter how flat or round the booty got loves every booty. Big, small, round, flat, saggy, perky and maybe even triangular Lenny the booty god loves them all
I am a bootyist because I follow bootyism
by Trianglebooty August 01, 2016
A distillation of esoteric mysticism from various cultures that provides for a means of enlightenment by cultivating erotic energies and celebrating the sex act: without desire their is no liberation; without liberation their is no life; without sex their is neither liberation nor life.
Go to a yoga class and look at all the booty. Bootyism gives one a reason to live and strive. Attaining the highest experience of booty: bliss and dissolution of the ego in union with the object of ones desire and ones inner sensuality is to achieve a taste of ultimate liberation and enlightenment.
by kulananda July 12, 2013
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