1) Like Alcoholism, bootyism is extreme sex addiction triggered by craving booty (hind quarters) to the point of making life unmanageable.

2) Often a poor attempt at humor, bootyism is an ignorant or scathing reference of the religion of Buddhism.
1) A fortune and a career were lost when Hugh Grant's bootyism drove him to get busted buying sex from Divine Brown on the streets of Los Angeles.

2) Chumley was so moronic last night, an attractive woman rushed away from him after he joked about Bootyism being his religion.
by Mojo Filter April 09, 2010
The gospel according to Beyonce. Often confused with Buddhism.
Todd: I'm thinking about converting to Bootyism.

Michael: Nah man, it's BUDDHISM.

Todd: No, cause in Bootyism all you do is worship ass.
by Marfdin April 20, 2010
another way of sharing your care of love with a friend
We need to share some bootyism with Tayler and Jessica.
by Jessica December 17, 2003
Bootyism is a sexy religion often confused with Budhism.
I know more about Bootyism than I do about Catholicism!
by The French Diggler September 24, 2009
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