A brand new energy drink promoted by the rapper 'Alpa Chino' which was featured in Tropic Thunder
Yo man, lets get the booty sweat effect! Hellll yeah man
by Ril3S August 27, 2008
Top Definition
Booty Sweat is an energy drink that is showcased in the movie Tropic Thunder, the company that sells the drink is owned by the rapper Alpa Chino.
Jeff Portnoy: I'm so thirsty!

Alpa Chino: Want a can of booty sweat?
by Bob Raymund August 31, 2008
1) The sweat that drips down an ass. Usually referring to a hot girl shakin her booty in the club.

2) A hot club song by DJ Squishmitten
1) It's hot as hell up in dis club. I got mad booty sweat.

2) I just downloaded the Booty Sweat remix!
by Lewisville Slugga March 01, 2010
An brand new energy drink advertised by Alpa Chino in the movie Tropic Thunder.
A lot of pussy, hell ya, a lot of pussy, hell ya, a lot of pussy dripping down to the floor. Oh no. A lot of pussy, I'm dragging out of your booty sweat and bust-a-nut! Alba Chino gotta that pussy control.
by Michaelsuperman August 16, 2008
What happens when you don't wipe your ass properly and you get itchy and wet in the rear area and the cause of most skid marks
I think i need to re-wipe, im gettin the booty sweats!
by BigMark006 April 24, 2007
a pandemic that is sweeping the world that causes the infected to become a complete douche bag and cause those around them to work hard therefor making their booties sweat
person 1:take a lap
person 2:dats some straight booty sweat!!!!
by i have a large anus January 27, 2011
When you or a person's booty becomes sweaty.
"Word up son i got some booty sweat."

"Man after playing that game, my pants are filled with booty sweat!"
by Osiris R January 09, 2009
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