a word used to desribe a male or females hot ass
Man,his ass is bootysmackin'
by jessica April 16, 2005
Top Definition
1.To smack a chick on her booty

2.When having doggy style sex your nuts can do this

3.To smack that ass to get a girls attention
1. I was loving it last night while I was booty smackin Leah

2. Man my balls hurt from my balls booty smackin that stripper we gangbanged last night

3. I was booty smackin our waitress last night because she wasnt bringing our drinks quick enough
by phyberoptix August 24, 2006
what the fuck? that's the gayest word i've ever heard.

bootysmackin' what is that?

it would only be good if it were like. o.0 oh frank iero is bootysmackin'
...but still that sounds gay
homo: oOh ImA bOoTySmAcKiN' RapPaA Yo!
me: 0.o stfu ugly

by staciex_loves.frankiero December 18, 2005
Ass to ass packed
The Cleveland Cavaliers parade after the city's first NBA championship in 50 years was already booty smackin 7 hours before it started.
by xclaney June 23, 2016
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