An excuse for the word panties. No, it's not shorts if your underwear is longer, hoes.
What myspacewhores wear when they do that obnoxious peace sign and pout in the mirror, an obvious plea for pervy comments and giggles of "oh stawwpp it!!" teeheehee.
GIRL: Um, why is there a pic of you on facebook in your undies??

HO: NO it's booty shorts, duh . . .psh.

GIRL: Um, sure.
by ilytoo April 14, 2009
Slutty shorts that only whores wear
Dude, you see her booty shorts?!?

Yeah mate, im gonna get her to take em off so i can pound that ass!
by Cloud October 20, 2003
What Christina Aguilera wears every day.
Of course, this makes sense considering the total whore that bitch truly is.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003

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