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wen a girl shakes her ass without moving her body, jus the ass movin
booty, booty poppin' booty poppin on a bandstand!! (ludacris)
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
The act of attracting a mate through flatulence. Hence the popping of the booty.
In the form of seduction and when ready to find a mate, she will either corner the subject or lead him into open areas while she is booty poppin to incapacitate and claim her prized male.
by Boppity Bippity March 27, 2013
Verb: the repeated smacking together of the gulitus maximus region of the body; usually performed at youth dance clubs and high school (and some skanky middle school) functions
Sevenneh likes to booty pop on the hotties to arouse their tools.
farting, to expel gas from your anus, another word instead of saying farting.
Girl, what's that smell? Did you have a booty poppin spree?
by J-A December 27, 2006
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