when a girl has some serious buttcheeks
when a girl has bootydoo her buttcheeks are real big
by loutip2 July 05, 2011
when a girls stomach sticks out more than her booty do
Man that girl has a bootydoo
by j-briizziel11 January 31, 2009
When yo stomach sticks out mo den yo booty do.
Girl you should work out and fix dat bootydoo.
by Bobbbby Joe. March 05, 2010
This term refers to women, or men, when their stomach sticks out more than their "booty-do." In other words, their booty is flat and their stomach is huge. Booty-doo can be found on any race, shape, or color of people.
"That lady's stomach sticks out more than her booty-doo!"
by Alberta Alshmurda June 18, 2009
a bootydoo is when a girls gut sticks out more than her butt, aka bif--butt in front
That girl has a bootydoo
by Violent_B April 05, 2008
Gangsta way of saying "fuck head" similar to "bed head" after a night of gettin some
"man, she obviously didn't make it home last night. check out the Booty Doo she's sportin'!"
by markyCrunkA October 25, 2009
A simile for the word bullshit.
This is straight up, booty doo!
by Mark Hoye September 08, 2005

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