Aside from the popular definition, this word can also be used to describe something that is a crappy (or sh!tty) situation, hence "booty(where it comes out) doo(what comes out).
"Man that teacher is wack. She gave us way too much work."
"I know man! This is some bootydoo!"
by BrookieB February 09, 2009
when a bitches stomach hangs out more than her booty do
Person 1: Yo, she got a donk
Person 2: Not even, she got a bootydoo
by peweflodollah September 20, 2009
only to describe females. when a girl has a stomach that is obviously larger than her ass.
"man that girl has got the mad bootydoo goin on"

"what do you mean?"

"yeah...her stomach sticks out more than her booty do!"
by Mighty Mobius August 20, 2009
when a girls belly sticks out farther then their bootydoo! derived from the phrase dickiedoo.
"damn! did you see that bootydoo!"
by tonto "danger" a-dare April 01, 2010
her stomach sticks out farther than her booty do; large stomach
bob: "dang that girl's stomach is huge!"

tom: "yea, she got booty-doo"
by bplayertmj August 17, 2009
Bootydoo- (only applies to females)
When your stomach pokes out as far as your behind does.
I was with a friend on the street, we seen this chick across the way that looked fine, but he was like " too bad she got a bootydoo"

"I love it when she got a little meat in the front with some ass to match in the back....thats that bootydoo."

by Reem&Izzle April 03, 2009
When a Womens Stomach Sticks out further then her "booty do"
X : Dang that girl is a bootydoo!

Y: Whats a bootydoo

X: when a womens stomach sticks out further then her booty do.

by Ryan burns May 17, 2007

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