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Another word for an ass. or what my gurl has 2 have on her so i can tap that.
That gurl Shanequa got a booty up on her u watch me ima tap dat by the end of the week.

by i_luv_black_booty August 26, 2006
booty means ugly, bad, horrible, slacking, tore up
"you look mad booty in that outfit."

"dang your shot is booty, you missed everyone."
by li li October 19, 2005
(1)the african-american term for Buttox
(2)Money,Loot,or any stolen valuable
Yo ma brutha! Ize gots sum booty last night Fo Shizle'
by Dopetoinfinity_13 November 24, 2003
Booty is most commonly used as another name for the buttock. However, it has become a phrase indicating that something sucks.
"Yo I failed anotha test son."

"Man, dat means u cant come ova thiz weekend, thatz booty"
by Alexandra April 23, 2005
Something that men like to slap to assert their control over women(Hah!). It is usually located in the backside, right on top of the thighs and calves. If yours are large, round, and firm, then you are in for a painful life.
Chick 1: I need to make my butt smaller.
Chick 2: Why?
Chick 3: Because if it keeps getting slapped, then it will fall off.
by The_Advocate March 17, 2005
Big fat ass.
wiggle that booty bitch
by Dog2004 June 07, 2004
1. The finest thing on a girl when large and juicy.
Man, son, that booty was nice up in the club, you goin' to hit her up tonight or wha-?
by Idris December 07, 2003