a pirates treasure.
Will Turner grabbed Jack Sparrows booty!
#boooty #booooty #boooooty #booooooty #buttocks.
by laurel c and stephanie m November 23, 2007
Another word for yo ass is phat.
Damn she got a big booty(ass)thats my example
by Jayceez July 07, 2005
An expression used to describe something that is not good, ugly, or just wrong.
I can't believe you missed! Man, that shot was booty!
by Sylvia April 26, 2004
A Big juicy round thing that you can hold in your tiny little hands
"Damn son, did you see that girl's booty?"
"Yeah, I did and it was the biggest roundest booty ever."
#booty #round #poop #butt #he touched the butt #booty game too strong #butts are great
by swiggityswootyimcumin4urbooty January 10, 2014
A big ass that commonly turns a rapper guy on
'And you know I love me a big booty hoe' - Cash Out
#apple #pear #bubble #butt #bootaaay
by lilun89 February 08, 2013
Something very nice , usually found on African American women and lucky white women , some say the "booty" is mesmorising to men (it is) ; it can be used to manipulate them and command them at your will , the booty is a very powerful weapon and has multiple uses .
Matt : "Damn she got booty!"
Jerry : "Yeh but she's white?"
Matt : "Yeh she's a lucky one."
#ass #butt #sexy #bootie #bootay
by Lil'BabyMatthew July 27, 2011
Booty means bull shit or this shit is fucking bull shit.
Other meanings- gay fucking stupid un-fucking-believable.
Ryan has booty swagger
#sucks #gay #bad #embarassing #retarted
by crazy thane May 08, 2011
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