A synonym for buttocks.
Look at the size of that booty!
by Ainolketta March 10, 2005
Something very nice , usually found on African American women and lucky white women , some say the "booty" is mesmorising to men (it is) ; it can be used to manipulate them and command them at your will , the booty is a very powerful weapon and has multiple uses .
Matt : "Damn she got booty!"
Jerry : "Yeh but she's white?"
Matt : "Yeh she's a lucky one."
by Lil'BabyMatthew July 27, 2011
Booty can sometimes mean something is boring, whack, or stupid and mostly a waste of time.
Derrick: "Man that party was hella booty"
Dan: " I know a waste of time"
by RISsKy December 04, 2009
A girl that isn't hot and/or ugly
ohh that girls sooo booty
by TJerkin'T August 15, 2009
something thats full of shit
Man, my ride aint here yet, thats some booty.
by Gigi1993 May 15, 2006
A slang word often used by pirates for 'loot' or 'treasure'.
It's that damn ninja! He's trying to take off with me booty! Argh!
by Dana McCollins August 06, 2005
1. stolen treasure or goods

2. the buttocks
When the pirate spotted the treasure he yelled "booty" to tell the captain that he had found it.
by Light Joker October 25, 2004

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