sexy shorts that make girls look sexy, feel sexy, and be sexy! it's also a way to screw a guy. but let's not talk about that.
i wear booty shorts coz my ass is tiny and it looks good with my g-string, and it's easier for guys to grab mah ass n for me 2 feel it!
by sexyassb!tch December 30, 2003
Top Definition
something that hot chix wear that make guys hard
if ne chix got pix of themself wearin em email me
by tha punisha November 30, 2003
Shorts that are worn by ho`s that barely covers up they asses.
"Girl, I dunno why you gotta wear `em booty shorts. You look naked wit `em on anyway."
by Anonymous November 01, 2003
An excuse for the word panties. No, it's not shorts if your underwear is longer, hoes.
What myspacewhores wear when they do that obnoxious peace sign and pout in the mirror, an obvious plea for pervy comments and giggles of "oh stawwpp it!!" teeheehee.
GIRL: Um, why is there a pic of you on facebook in your undies??

HO: NO it's booty shorts, duh . . .psh.

GIRL: Um, sure.
by ilytoo April 14, 2009
Short-shorts worn over leotards by gymnasts and dancers. They are form fitting and body hugging, usually containing spandex or similar. Many times low-rise and have a 1-2 inch "leg" (which isn't much) They offer a slight bit more modesty than a leotard alone during practice or warm-up.
She wore black velvet booty shorts over her red 'tard.
by BadTigz June 28, 2009
a really small pair of shorts that are worn by hot latino chicks and other girls that should be worn by kindergardeners.
these shorts are sexy because the girls ass is showing and she is probably wearing a thong
those shorts make me wanna jack off and cum in that girls mouth
by JeVoNeR December 09, 2003
Basically a scarp of cloth to cover a meat wallet/burrito and the badonkadonk that resides behind it. Typical whores of high school think that they can wear them but end up looking like the biggest sluts; just radiating their outer crude shit-tastic personality.
I can name about 200 girls in my high school who wear booty shorts. And guess what; they're all fuckin whores. Every last one of those cunts.
by blackcurtains666 June 25, 2015
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