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The act of being drawn reflexively to the sight of a gorgeous rear end of a female human. It is an uncontrolable response to the presence of booty thus falling under the category of hypnotism. This can occur at any time including times that would otherwise be considered inconvenient at best or dangerous at worst. For example; walking through the mall with your wife, girlfriend or significant other, In church, At a funeral, during business meetings, at your best friends house or while driving through a sub-urban or urban area.
Example 1:

<Bobby> "Dude, are you staring at my moms ass?!"
<Rick> "Sorry man, booty hypnotism."

Example 2:

<Bobby> "Dude! Watch the Road!"
<Rick> "Sorry! Man I'm sure glad that they dont factor in booty hypnotism when calculating your insurance rates. Mine would sky rocket!"
by Jedibean December 28, 2007

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