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To be mentallyand emotionally ruined under stress and pressure from bootcamp. The persona of a bootfucked soldier/veteran/person is the same as a scitsofrinic or any other mentally unstable phsyc ward patient.
That Pvt. Pile from Full Metal Jacket was so bootfucked he shot his drill instructor and then turned the gun on him self.
by kamillark April 16, 2010
1. Upon the start up of your computer it emits a horrible screaming noise, like it is being violated and then promptly dies.

2. to feel like your anal region has been violated with incredible force.
1. Jim, what's wrong with my PC? I started it up and it screamed at me and turned off.
Well Jane, it looks as if your computer is bootfucked.

2. "I took a crap so huge that after I was done it felt like I had been bootfucked by a skinhead."
by Tigertosser December 06, 2004
to be screwed over by someone or somthing.
I've been bootfucked!
by Ky April 06, 2004
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