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to be extreamly high
yo im fuckin booted
by YouAlreadyNo April 29, 2009
35 55
To be high or stoned.
Yeah I was booted last night, we smoked twice!

Your eyes are red, are you booted or something?
by FiNGaS March 08, 2005
310 99
European/Australian term commonly used to say someone has been killed and stuffed in the trunk of a car.
This is due to the fact that Euro/Aussie lingo refers to the trunk of a car as the "Boot.";
To kill a person and put the body in the trunk of a car;
A violent murder resulting in someone's body ending up in the trunk of a car.
Tim: You better watch your mouth, mate! I'll come boot you!

Eric: You can't do a bloody thing to me.

Tim: Just you watch, I already Booted your brother!

Eric: You bloody bastard!
by Hackaday117 February 19, 2014
2 0
to get really really drunk
andrew got so booted off of everclear last night
by MyName06 November 16, 2006
28 120
To be ugly.

Likens the ugliness of someone to severe facial injuries from being kicked in the face repeatedly with a pair of Doc Martins.
That girl is so booted!
by Schnarff February 07, 2005
30 123
To steal something, take without legal consent, illegal takings.
On her return trip from the mall, she had booted 5 CDs, 2 books, and loads of eyeliner.
by Leisle November 24, 2006
17 111
to smoke a high or mid level type of weed then rite after smoke a low level type and it gives u a differnt/better kind of high
yo smoke this mersh after u smoke dro an you'll get booted son.
by pothead 420 May 19, 2006
15 119