Ugg boots or Ugg boot clones.

Disturbingly ugly shin to knee high leather boots frequently worn by bimbo-type women and rarely old men.

Some varieties of bootfucks feature fur or laces.

Also see Bootfucker.
Keithan: "Look at that complete idiot with her jeans tucked into her huge fur-rimmed bootfucks."
Dimitrius: "Satan Christ! What a bootfucker!"

Dayrl: "Was that old guy seriously wearing bootfucks?"
Damandro: "...He must be fucked in the head."

Chivrey: "Dude I'm thinking about getting with that girl Abby."
Gustov: "No way man, I saw her last winter -- She's a total bootfucker. All she wore were classic UGG bootfucks."
by ChristCrayons July 30, 2012
Top Definition
Reaching orgasm with the help of long leather boots.
To ejaculate on a high heeled long leather boot
To ejaculate in a high heeled long leather boot
Really for boot fetishists.
A boot fuck consists of male masturbation in the presence of lady's, high heeled tall leather boots with the intention of ejaculating in or on them.
Using parts of a boot to insert into various orifices until ejaculation in or on a leather boot
by booty2 August 04, 2006
1. A Derogatory term used to instill fear in the said future boot-fuck recipient. 2. To kick somone rediculasly hard with a foot or boot in the rectum, so as to penetrate it.
Kirby, If you don't shut up i will boot fuck you from over here. I mean it.
by Youcrazyshit October 16, 2005
Boot-fucking is a sexual act where a person wearing and/or sporting a walking boot is fucked in their boot. This act almost always follows cast fucking.
Joni finally got that cast off. I can't wait to start boot-fucking her.
by Dannifer July 18, 2009
to kick someone more than once in a fight
i bootfucked the shit out of that guy
by colin November 21, 2003
To kick someone, most often repeatedly in the ass, but any body part will suffice.

Especially when the boots in question are at least size 13 and steel toed.
1)get back to work or you're going to get a bootfucking.

2) that wasn't much of a fight... more of a bootfuck.
by Sir_FireStorm March 02, 2005
when you kick someones rez door really fucking hard with the back of your heel
"I bootfucked kimberlys door last night, because she was a bitchass to me."
by BarnesCHOPS October 11, 2009
to kick with the intention of maiming.
Those skin heads will get a good boot fucking if they don't watch out.
by rube lubener February 20, 2004

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