the trunk of a car
Open the boot so I can put these packages inside.
by nancy January 18, 2004
ghetto; cheap; also referring to poor or lower-class
Man, that school is so boot, all falling apart and dirty.
by Zhao Ziyang July 16, 2005
Just and adjective or and insult to throw around at peope
A- "That smells like boot"
B- "You...boot!!"
by NK March 29, 2003
to "BOOT" someone is to own some one.

Jesse Cox will give them the BOOT!
Tanner B: Jesse give them the "BOOT"
Jesse C: Hell yeah!!!!
Zach m: "BOOT"!
by Zach BOOT September 20, 2011
boot is an glamorous synonym for penis. if you want to use table etiquette but need to explain what ya got up to in the weekend, just replace cock with boot.
Get some boot in ya
by smashbox69 July 29, 2011
1. (v.) To give.
Boot me that glove.
by ybalagian September 21, 2009
Someone who sucks at whatever it is they are doing. It originated sometime in the 1800's in the world of bricklaying. One who spent too much time on one brick or block, tapping on it too much with his hammer, would be sarcasticly called a "shoemaker"; because shoemakers "tap" endlessly with their hammers. Over time, this was reduced to "shoe", and eventually a "boot". Boot now refers to any bricklayer who is sloppy, apothetic, or just overall bad at laying brick. It is a very strong term. Calling a bricklayer a boot is the worst thing you could possibly say to him, since it is the ultimate insult to their craftsmanship. All bricklayers know this. But in recent years it has spread past the world of masonry and now it seems to pertain to anyone who sucks at something that they are doing; or trying to do.
someone is nailing and hits their finger.
"AAAHH, you BOOT!"
Man, that guy cant nail for shit.. he's a boot!

Man, look at that wall out of level. They must have been real BOOTS!

Only a boot would lay that garbage.
by mikkon August 24, 2008
It is something you wear on your foot
"Hey Rick your boot smells like shit, did you step on shit dude? That's fucking disgusting"
by Kidkoolio July 13, 2008

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