the trunk of a car
Open the boot so I can put these packages inside.
by nancy January 18, 2004
An adult purchasing alcohol for a minor.
Short for bootleg.
Person 1: "Do you think your older brother will boot for us tomorrow night?"
Person 2: "I don't know, man, he's sick of being our only boot in town."
by Moizee April 02, 2011
exclamation or interjection, use is similar to "HOMIES," "SAY SWEAR," etc
BOOTS, that was tight!
I just mugged some children and sell them into slavery! BOOTS!
by emusonparole May 14, 2010
A person's ass, as in "knocking boots." Derived from "booty."
I was knockin them boots til the breaka dawn!
by dumperist June 19, 2009
It is an old derogatory term for African Americans. I think it's derivation comes from 19th to early 20th century "bootblacking," shining shoes, a profession many black men engage in to this day.
When I came into the station waiting room, there was a line of bootblacks, some slapping madly away at the toes of some fine shoes, while others were waiting for their chance at a nickel. I chose an amiable looking colored, fine grey rimmed eyes that enclose the kind of turbid pools you search through for some long lost trinket or prize. I sat down and he harnessed my shoe on his block and he commenced to do his work. His hands and cloth were like machines buzzing over the pointed tips and heels of my shoes. He spoke to me deferentially as was my expectation, because do I really care to know what his ilk thinks the day's weather will be. He grew silent, buffing away, stopped, looked up asked me if I wanted a spit polish. I asked what's that? And he said it made for a capital shine. Thinking about the business that I had that day I considered that a good shine wouldn't be a disadvantage. I agreed. He took a deep gutteral breath, seeming to drag the liquid weight of his lungs into his mouth. He puckered his great, huge red lips and released a generous wad of sputum onto my shoe. I asked him, perturbed: "what is that boy!?"

"It's a spit shine sir," he plaintively answered. And started to rub the glob into my shoe. He whipped the cloth as though my shoe was balky a horse, and when it was done I'd never seen such a shine.

I declared:"Not even new, have I ever had a pair of shoes so beautiful." Boy, you did an excellent, excellent job, much to the recommendation of your employ. I will tell all of the passengers of this train about your good service."

"Thank you sir for your good reference, and please know that I will spit on your shoes whenever you come."
by kenbrown59 August 05, 2005
1.something you wear on your foot
2.the trunk of your car
3.your buddy
4.your cat
5.a boy named boo
6.your double bubble
7.a suffix used to provide absolutely no new information to the word
8.add a- to the front and you get a canadian word get rid of something or someone
10.a word you can substitute for any other word and it won't make sense but that's ok
11.another way of saying boat
1.i put on my gata boot.
2.i put my gata boot in my boot and quickly drove off.
3."hey boot, how you?"
4."i haven't seen boot in more than a week now."
5."i haven't seen boot in not long enough."
6."you have a fantastic boot!"
7.the bus-boot is late.
8."i know what this is aboot."
9.he cried as she booted him out of her apartment-boot.
10.a boot will come along one boot and will be the boot boot for you. ayla was scootin' aboot one day with no boots to talk to, she realized she had a boot to catch, so she gave her long-haired boot a bath, said hey to boot, put on her gata boot, booted her luggage-boot in her boot, and drove her fat, white boot down to the dock before the boot booted off.
by BOOT! July 29, 2004
badass, sexy beast, firefighter, who drives an awesome jeep!
daaaaayum do you see boot
by betsie ross October 23, 2011
short for the name Robert
"Hey Boots come over here to do kids voting" Said Taylor
by DillVonTayyMonroe November 08, 2010

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