the trunk of a car
Open the boot so I can put these packages inside.
by nancy January 18, 2004
a type of shoe that can come in different colours,sizes and types. the can go up to ur ankle or the can go up to ur thigh.thet can come in black or brown. u can have work boots, football boots or casuall boots.
footballer1. i like ur football boots where did u get them?
footballer2. thanks i got them in lifestyle
by catalina1 January 27, 2013

1. To vomit
Yo, we were chillin outside smokin a cig and then Reena and the Nose came outside and she booted all over Puffy's shoes.

I felt fine at first, but then after that 8th beer bong I had to go boot it. But then I felt a lot better and kept drinking.
by Frank3780 September 11, 2009
Someone who wears an aircast on their leg for an extended period of time; or a term for the aircast itself.
Hey Boot, When you gonna lose the boot so we dont have to call you that anymore?
Never.... it's comfy.
by supertrouper February 02, 2011
usually the name of a badass.
-yo boots whats up homie.
-nothin man justfinished kickin ass and takin names. y?
by jimbo56654 October 01, 2010
An Australian term for an annoying person. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.
1. He is such a boot
2. That was a bit of a boot thing to say
by The yard rat September 06, 2010
to leave, go somewhere else
yea, lets boot. This is beat
by thatcrazyspankydude May 18, 2010
1. To start or go do something. From the idea of booting up a computer. Often used with the word "it" or "up"
Wanna play some Melee?

Yeah, lets boot it up!

Dude, lets go boot some shakes from In-N-Out.
Sounds solid.
by D_R_ March 20, 2010

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