to move, to leave, to get outa there
"babe, u wanna boot?"
"yea sure"
"quick! lets boot!"
by loodie July 25, 2005
1- some one who is near and dear to your heart, see boo
2-a close companion like Dora and Boots
person 1: man i know you cheatin on my trick
person 2: I love you Jr, your my boots stay with me
by Jessica boots boots March 08, 2006
Another name for the Tires on a car,truck etc.
My car needs some new boots.
by Judge dredd7 November 19, 2011

1.An item of footwear

2. A Scottish word meaning a particularly unpleasant female or a slut.
Glaswegian Nedette: "AH'LL DO YE YA WEE BOOT!!"

Guy 1: "Awrite mate, dae you know wee Jeanie?"
Guy 2: "Och Aye,everywan knows wee Jeanie, she's a pure boot."
by starladyx March 27, 2011
a word used to express doubt or disapproval when another person has said something completely outrageus
white guy: I am going to be in the NBA soon
Me: boot
by Enslaved slave November 02, 2010
a not so attractive female
jonnie- i herd you were tapping up sarah the other nigh at that party
dave- nah man she was a boot even with my beer googles on
by VEGAS ACE January 16, 2006
An ugly or busted female. Derived from UGG boots, which are very, very ugly.
(A busted girl walks by thinking she's Megan Fox.)

Kizzle: "Yo, that bitch was boots!"
D: "::shakes head:: Boots?"
Kizzle: "UGGS!"
by K. Magnus June 25, 2009
Typically a sexy short redhead. Everyone should call her boots because,
-Her hair is red.
-Red in Spanish is rojo.
-Dora taught us Spanish.
-Dora has a friend named Boots.
-Boots wears red boots.
-Abby has red hair.
It is a never ending circle, thus the perfect name.

She is a descendant of the crazy cereal eater people, who buy cereal by the ton to worship. All the girls are jealous of her because of her butt because she has a butt with the strength of TEN MEN!!!!!
She is obsessed with shoes and will fling toddlers out of her way to get them. She has a strange addiction to sniffing firecrackers. Her favorite animal is a peacock. She will just start talking to the voices inside of her head about rice and peaches.
She twerks all the time with her butt of TEN MEN!!!!!!!
She is lots of fun to be around and will always put a smile on your face.
Dorothy: I wish i had a butt like Abby.
Cathrine:Well of course, everybody is jealous of her extremely strong butt.
Dorothy: It's got to be as strong as TEN MEN!!!

I needed the example boots
by I Hope This Was Good Enough November 13, 2013

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