to move, to leave, to get outa there
"babe, u wanna boot?"
"yea sure"
"quick! lets boot!"
by loodie July 25, 2005
1. To be heavily intoxicated by any type of substance

2. To abuse a substance

3. To consume a substance very quickly with the results of being heavily intoxicated

4.To refer to past heavily intoxication
(aka: Dude Im so f*cked)

(aka: You're heavily intoxicated)

(aka: I was so heavily intoxicated)
by kanandphil October 20, 2008
Meaning a stupid situation, stemming from the word "beat". Slang on slang, ya dig?
"I cant believe the teacher gave us homework again, that shit is BOOT."
by kellyhiggins March 18, 2007
A word implying ugliness of the face.
Man1:Her body is a 7.5, but her face is boot.
Man2:Yeah, double brown bag that.
by flo-bee February 22, 2007
verb. To start from nothing and become something.

Reach down and get a firm grip on you bootstraps. Pull really hard, until you pull yourself right up to the ceiling.
I turned the switch on and the damn thing booted Windows. How the hell does that work?
by lanteigne October 12, 2005
short for bootleg or booty. Implying something is cheap or inferior in performance or quality; a knock off.

Or used as a description of an action implying inferior effort or work.
My new computer broke yesterday its boot.


His presentation is completely boot.
by d4lions July 22, 2005
over in londen, england, they call the trunk of your car, a boot
Hey, stick your stuff in my boot.
Did you stick your jacket in the boot.
by Rosincore May 18, 2005
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