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to move, to leave, to get outa there
"babe, u wanna boot?"
"yea sure"
"quick! lets boot!"
by loodie July 25, 2005
8 11
Term used in baseball when a player errors a ball whilst fielding.
I made it to first after the shortstop booted the ball.
by Nick March 27, 2005
2 6
hilltop/hillside slang.
used when someone says something
stupid or just flat out unheard of.
somewhat like, "womp womp".
during a grill session or a freestyle
battle.. someone may say it
nika: ooo nigga look at yo shoes, they so um.. iuno but look at em
nika: -laughs to self-
non-offended person: can i get a..
by nizz September 15, 2004
0 4
straight from the MMI
Compliment - acknowledged to girls who are cool, or can catch it.
Insult - acknowledged to busted girls or if a girl says or does something stupid
compliment - whats up boot
insult - what a boot
by stud for liz February 27, 2004
1 5
to leave
hey man, im gonna boot, peace.
by tony January 16, 2004
6 10
1. something that is ghetto
2. poor
3. cheap ("boot"leg)
Those shoes is boot.
by ray March 16, 2003
25 29
What is given to someone up the ass when they have gone beyond pissing you off...
That fucker pissed me off so much I gave him the boot.
by ;;; February 13, 2003
12 16
Ugly, usually very much so.
Man, that girl was hot until she showed her teeth, and then she was fuckin boot!
by Skippy Doodle December 25, 2002
26 30