to move, to leave, to get outa there
"babe, u wanna boot?"
"yea sure"
"quick! lets boot!"
by loodie July 25, 2005
Marijuana ash at the end of the bowl.
Pete: Hey guy, is that boot?
Conor: Yeah guy its boot, let's pack another.
by Swimmins April 02, 2008
women in general and/or their vagina's
dude did you get any boot last night?
no she was too drunk to function

hey wanna come out with us?
no im gettin boot tonight

why didn't you get any boot?
she was on her period
damn go get different boot then
by Devin Walters February 11, 2008
A word which you call someone when they are a pure idiot/dickhead/dork.

Comes from "car boot", where the reject kid goes when there is no more room in the car.
"Can you believe that Tom bought Crocs?"
"That kid is a Boot"

"Today I spent all day watching re-runs of Friends"

*dances like a complete idiot*
by boot___ January 16, 2008
a descision or thing that is whack or stupid
"yo that chick is mad boots"
by James Libutti October 10, 2006
refers to a person who wears the same pair of boots all the time, or only wears boots, no other footwear...ever.

generally a person who has fits of destructive apathetic boredom for no other reason than an enjoyment of breaking things that man has created.

the kinda guy who would spend huge money on boots or a good jacket or something random for a friend, even knowing he'll have to half starve for a week afterwards.
mike: oi! boots! these bastards are ruining my day, lets cut some bitches.

boots:(with a little smile as he puts out the ciggy) yeh, i like to kill...
by lebryce redbeard August 19, 2005
to vomit in the projectile style.
may contain traces of carrot and nut.
12 beers later is generally the best example
by fez_fez May 09, 2005
1.) Ugly, busted , usually referring to a girl.

2.) To vomit from drinking too much alcohol, especially tequila.

3.) To kick a player out of an IRC or chat room, or online video game.
Dude, look at her. She mad boot.

Shit man, I just finished my tenth shot, I gotta boot!

will sum1 make that n00b stfu and boot him?
by mei0023 April 06, 2005
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