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The original Minnesota "CODE" for smoking pot to keep parents and pigs in the dark...
Hey Ma, I'm gonna go play boot hockey with my friends...see ya!!!
by Bomni February 08, 2005
A mixture of soccer, basketball, bordenball, and rugby in which you must kick a tennis ball into a net (often the space between two hats) past a goalie to score, as in soccer. If the ball is caught (either from a bounce or from bringing it off the ground with your feet) you can run three to five steps depending on the rules before you have to drop it or throw it to a team mate. Almost always played with no rules full body contact. The unofficial national sport of Canada's elementary schools.
Timmy! Let's eat snot then go play boot hockey on lunch!
Okay Jimmy! But don't let Ms. Bitchowsky see us play or she'll send us into detention!!
by burningpeaches May 28, 2006
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