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another word girls call they man
anjelica: can we talk
melissa:no im busy talking 2 my booskie
by $martyl0c$ January 28, 2008
the name any girl or guy can call their significant other. everyone should use this word to describe their love :) it is a universal term to describe affection and doesnt pertain to just one couple.
girl: hey handsome, i love you!
boy: girl you my booskie, my bay, my love :)

bay baby love wife girlfriend husband boyfriend partner cutie sexy beautiful handsome
by allyourgirl October 11, 2010
A friend you hang with all the time. Someone who you do everything with like go to movies and trips. You are not in relationship just there for one another until you agree with the person your friend should be with. So it is your kick it partner.
My Booskie and I are going to watch movies tonight.
I can't wait to go my Booskie soccer game.
by soccermom July 05, 2013
Your soulmate or precisely the person that you are in a relationship with.
Me and my booskie have been together for about a year know and I feel like its been forever.
by R. Lovin February 18, 2011
An endearing term often used to describe one in a relationship by the partner, usually pertaining to the male sex. Opposite of the term boo.
How are you and your booskie doing?
My booskie has an appointment today.
by mylittlepwny317 September 19, 2010
When your mad at your mom, because she wont let you drive. Even though you have your permit.
"Mom, can I pleasssse drive today!? I have my permit!"
"No! I said later"
by hahalamers:) April 10, 2010
1)pertaining to or functioning as a bitch
-Ashley was straight up being a booskie!

-That party was booskie.
by maddie_2008 January 25, 2009

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