a term of endearment said to another person.
Holla at chu lata "booski"..

babyboo you know you my "booski"

Damn can I holla "booski"
by Diamond Kiki August 23, 2009
Top Definition
your significant other; a close friend
Hey, did you know that Sheila's booski is Ryan??
by Lahki October 16, 2006
Term of endearment between two people, usually those of the african american variety that want a russian twist to the word boo
"Man I miss my booski a lot, its a shame he went off to that Club Moscow without me"
by The Real Pope February 13, 2008
An anonymous status with a man ie You don't know where your relationship stands
Is he your boyfriend?
No, he's just my booski
by Jewsey June 07, 2011
(boo-ski) is a slang in the south west of the uk meaning hi or hello or boo
if ur chatting online say booski instead of hello cool way of sayng hello
by brian medland June 24, 2007
to flake on your friends
Can be used as a noun: She's such a booski for not coming out last night.
Can be used as a verb: You better not booski for the company ski trip.
by JRam18 June 17, 2008
Adj; a person with multiple boyfriends/girlfriends and cheats on their significant other more than 2 times
guy1: wow that girl caila is such a booski
guy2:yeah but id do her
by yoooohooooo April 19, 2009

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