- Derived from a combination of spoken words "bull" and "shit." Spoken fast can be heard as booshit. Shortened to make the word, of same definition, "Boosh."
This party is boosh, I'm outta here.
by McGruffles June 12, 2007
Its Christie's word.
Used to express happyness, sadness, anger, content.
Also a conversation starter/ice breaker, often combined with a poke. Boosh may also be said when entering a room.
(Person walks into room) Boosh!

(Person is happy) Boosh!

(Person is pissed) Boosh...

(Person is sad) Boosh.
by Bobblette April 13, 2007

interj., verb

1. Exclamation most commonly associated with pedophiliac tendencies. Phrase may be used bi-directionally.

2. Phrase used to describe the sensation of warm cum flowing over the face and chest.

3. A type of rapid, illicit man/boy love.
Ex 1: “I want you to plunge your prepubescent boy rod into my gaping asshole... Boosh!”

Ex 2: He came and it was like... boosh! all over my forehead."

Ex 3: "Bob and I are going to head to the NAMBLA conference and afterward, head downtown to find some teenagers to boosh."
by learhy January 11, 2010
A word that, when used like an adjective, epitomizes randomness
My freinds and I are so boosh!
by JxDxP April 28, 2007
ray toro's (guitarist; my chemical romance) hair.
`oh my god, tugba, look at rays boosh` :O
by moooolar August 07, 2005
Simply a slang preposition negative in nature. Used best when combined with shoosh.
Dude, you're in the boosh.
Man, shoosh in the boosh
by Dexter March 26, 2003
A bush with different spelling. A vagina.
Can I munch on your boosh?
by Sergio Puente April 16, 2004
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