A hit or hard strike to something or someone. An exclamation. Sometimes proceeded by Wa- prefix or extra OOOOO's when harder or longer hit.
Boosh! Did you see that Knicks/Nugget fight?
by Matt Dorter February 13, 2007
A large crude weed smoking device used in modern britain where-by you get a bucket full of water and a 2 litre coke bottle with the bottom cut off, put some foil on the top and pull gently causing the smoke to fill the bottle. Once creamed you take the foil off and inhale the smoke causing you to get high.
Do you want a blast on the boosh? or That boosh is some potent sheet!
by Stephen T (iLLuZion) December 11, 2006
a mighty collection of hair on ones scalp
wow, look at that guys boosh!
That girl has one mighty boosh
by Michael Shillingford December 19, 2005
a game changing hit, especially in the exciting sport of Madden.
After forcing a fumble, Johnny proclaimed ,"You just got booshed!!!"
by Paul February 25, 2005
a word usefull in any context whatsoever
your so f*cking boosh

Infinite examples. boosh out man
by George "boosh" Burslem November 03, 2003
1. To express a great amount of joy over something exciting, such as winning a DragonBall Z tournament.
2. The classic "cutler" saying.
3. To announce one's entrance to surrounding people.
4. To insult another person after triumphing over them in a videogame.
5. A bad screen name for Quake 3 matches.
1. Boosh! I won the DragonBall Z Tournament. This is soooo kewl!!!

2. Booooosh!!! You're such a flippin' jackass!

3. Boosh!! I'm here, the party can begin!

4. Boosh!!! Suck it down, I totally womped on you!

5. Booshmaster8000 wins again!
by booshmaster April 25, 2003
A verb used to describe either:

a) participate is something seriousy cool

b) watch The Mighty Boosh, possibly the greatest show to grace television.
Are we booshing?
Yea, I think so.

Can we boosh?
Sure, where's the DVD...
by mockkingbird July 10, 2008

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