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the sound testicles make when they are furiously slapped into someone's face, usually done to declare victory. Often denotes a full stop or period at the end of a declarative sentence.
I fucked your mom, boosh.

Grab me a beer, boosh.

I quit, boosh.
by jack3232 July 21, 2009
Wings in your face.
-"Why would you throw wings at me?"
-"I'm Ill."
by thekeg420mallrat January 02, 2009
1. a person who has a large, bushy amount of hair on their head.
2. A large, green plant that people can easily be pushed into.

1. e.g
"Her hair is such a boosh!"

e.g "Don't push me in the boosh!"
by Becky-UK October 21, 2005
Something that Jack Black snacks on right after the show.

See Tenacious D
"Snackin on a tasty boosh, right after the show..."
by Alex June 15, 2004
Slang for bad marijuana. Derived from the word bush, as it is said with a carribean accent.
"This is some boosh weed!"

"Yo, where'd you get this boosh?"

"Nobody wants to smoke boosh marijuana!!!"
by chelliem July 13, 2009
to rapidly accelerate and decelerate over a short distance using the Force.
Adam booshed through the door to save the kitten on fire.
by illiniguy88 February 01, 2009
truly a wonderchild... born from the womb of robin and rose from the works of frank... a boy who one day may grow to be the next great bumblefuck
Boosh is coming over to fart and stink up the place.
by DaMart March 26, 2007