1. a person who has a large, bushy amount of hair on their head.
2. A large, green plant that people can easily be pushed into.

1. e.g
"Her hair is such a boosh!"

e.g "Don't push me in the boosh!"
by Becky-UK October 21, 2005
A term used in the up and coming sport - Extreme Lazy Baseball. It has two meanings, the first is similar to bush in reference to bush league. The second, the much more common use, is a name for a massive home run.
*Marcus Thames hits a home run 500 feet* One fan in the crowd cheers with, "Look at that boosh!"
by The Champ27 August 24, 2009
the sound testicles make when they are furiously slapped into someone's face, usually done to declare victory. Often denotes a full stop or period at the end of a declarative sentence.
I fucked your mom, boosh.

Grab me a beer, boosh.

I quit, boosh.
by jack3232 July 21, 2009
Slang for bad marijuana. Derived from the word bush, as it is said with a carribean accent.
"This is some boosh weed!"

"Yo, where'd you get this boosh?"

"Nobody wants to smoke boosh marijuana!!!"
by chelliem July 13, 2009
to rapidly accelerate and decelerate over a short distance using the Force.
Adam booshed through the door to save the kitten on fire.
by illiniguy88 February 01, 2009
Wings in your face.
-"Why would you throw wings at me?"
-"I'm Ill."
by thekeg420mallrat January 02, 2009
truly a wonderchild... born from the womb of robin and rose from the works of frank... a boy who one day may grow to be the next great bumblefuck
Boosh is coming over to fart and stink up the place.
by DaMart March 26, 2007

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