to milk a cash cow until its udders are empty and wrinkly like a ball bag, and even the most dedicated followers turn their backs and start using the DVDs as frisbees and coasters.
We used to love our loyal fans, but now we need to try and get as many people Booshed as we can.
by Anthrax69 October 21, 2008
A made up word that kids can use around parents instead of bull shit! no one will ever know, it can also be used as ridiculous or useless. But theres a twist, someone can be a booshbag, (douche bag) which means they are full of bullshit or are stupid.
This test is boosh!
Joseph is a booshbag.
by Rutatoo October 28, 2010
A word used when making someone flinch. Usually a quick fist wave in front someone's face when they're not expecting it.

Used with extra O's when you really get someone good.

Can be used when actually hitting someone or something(by accident or intentionally).

Can also be used with additional words.
Jake: Hey Annie?

Annie: What?

(Jake swing's his fist towards Annie's face as she turns around to look at him)


Annie: ahhhhhhh!!! (as she bumps into the table)

Sue: That's a BOOSH TABLE BOOSH!!!
by scardiddilyboosh August 18, 2011
To be reprimanded by a babooshka. In Russia, 'babooshka' is an impolite term for a cankerous old woman who enjoys scolding younger people for misbehavior. To be 'booshed' is the verb of being reprimanded by a babooshka.
Person A: I hear someone coming up the stairs.
Person B: Well, it is 4am and the quiet hours start at 1am.
Person A: We're about to get booshed.
by kellyraemacca January 10, 2012
The act of booshing.
When you bump into someone, say boosh.
by DrunkenBitch November 01, 2011
A word used to describe something so awsome and epic its just to epicly awsome to be real
(omg tht was so boosh)
by Walmoris August 04, 2010
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