Describes a gun shot, or other stiking act in violence.
I'm gonna Boop dat man in da head.
by Reg October 17, 2003
Using the word "boop" in a text message or on a social networking website discretely lets your friends know that you recently had sexual intercourse, most likely within the past five minutes.
Hey John, I know we haven't spoken since we broke up on Wednesday, but I just wanted to let you know I'm at Mark's house. BOOP. ;)
by All Day Errrday November 16, 2011
To smuggle or otherwise hide illegal drugs or other contraband inside the rectum or vagina.
Person A: "How am I going to get the party favors to Detroit?"

Person B: "Dude, just boop it!"
by leboop June 03, 2011
Taking a poop while BBMing on a Blackberry.
Nothing like spending your break at work with a nice boop.
by Chief Munson May 09, 2011
to lie, to fib or used when a person doesn't believe
yo nigga don't boop!- yo black man don't lie
yo nigga you boopin - yo black man your lying
by young nig day September 05, 2008
What you say when you ripped ass and you don't want anyone to know.
God damn, did you boop?
by SeXaYmAmAs December 26, 2004
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