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The female equivalent to the male "fist pound" or male high five. Saying "boop" is used in conjunction with the hip bump n'snap (action of bumping hips from the side and snapping.)
"The St. Louis Rams just won!"

"Boop!" (simultaneously performing the hip bump n' snap)
by Michele P January 05, 2009
female reproductive organ
Her boop was the size of mexico.
by Aruba July 02, 2004
B.O.O.P Blow out of proportion
I knew some of those things you said were boop!
by Rod-Man January 11, 2004
A boop is someone who either lies or acts extra
Tell the truth...don't boop.
by Tha Ambassador July 15, 2006
Shit tits, Smelly shitty tities, stanky stinky shitty titties, MH
MH's boops smells so bad they make me gag!
by moe porne August 04, 2008
To fast forward or rewind a recorded television program on a TiVo or other DVR. This is derived from the "boop" sound a TiVo makes when it is fast forwarded or rewound.
Boop back two seconds, I want to see that again.

You gotta boop through these commercials; we have full boopage.
by heyfuture April 24, 2009
A term used when a spot has been blown.

A sound to signify you or someone else has been insulted.
Chris: "I tried making out with her last night at the party but she laughed and walked away"
Dave: "Yeah she thought you were gay this whole time."
Chris: "boop..."
by My Pseudonym January 31, 2005