A game often played while drunk where one randomly grabs a woman's (usually a new acquaintance) boob....and makes the sound "BOOP!". The farther the distance of the grab...the more effective the game.

First discovered in the Chicago Metropolitan Area
Woman with Guy # 1 on one side of table : "Why would I want to go outside to talk?"
Drunk Guy # 2 reaches across table : "BOOP!"

Hilarity Ensues....
by Felix Frijoles December 05, 2011
The female equivalent to the male "fist pound" or male high five. Saying "boop" is used in conjunction with the hip bump n'snap (action of bumping hips from the side and snapping.)
"The St. Louis Rams just won!"

"Boop!" (simultaneously performing the hip bump n' snap)
by Michele P January 05, 2009
Short for

Blown Out Of Proportion

When something said or done is over the top, or exaggerated.

Greg: I dropped a bit of rubbish and i got fined 200 pound!!

Mark: Ah ffs thats boop'd!

'Greg Farts'

Greg: boys i just farted dont boop it...

Boys: (really loud in public while holding their noses) ahhhhhhhhh Greg that STINKS!

Liam: peter crouch is 8ft 2 inches tall

Phil: boop'd
Mark: nahh Liam you're booping it again...
by Hello Bailer July 18, 2008
To take your finger and place it in a girls butt
Look at the ass on that girl, i'm gonna go boop her... hard
by Max Power March 30, 2005
female reproductive organ
Her boop was the size of mexico.
by Aruba July 02, 2004
B.O.O.P Blow out of proportion
I knew some of those things you said were boop!
by Rod-Man January 11, 2004
Describes a gun shot, or other stiking act in violence.
I'm gonna Boop dat man in da head.
by Reg October 17, 2003

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