to stop someone's conversation.

to execute just point your finger at the person speaking and say "boooop." They will be caught off guard and at that moment you can begin your conversation.
Tiff: ... so she was like yeah and he was like no way, and she said...
Rach:*pointing, "BOOP!!"
Rach: So this weekend was crazy, did you hear about Allison?!?
by walrus gumbo July 06, 2010
The sound an aluminuum baseball bat makes when striking your drunken friend in the skull. Must be weilded by an angry G.I. and aimed at a bunch of drunken idiots in the bed of a pick-up truck!
Damn, he about booped his head off!!
by P. Reed October 28, 2005
To prod continuously upon the bridge of the nose with the penis
It slipped out so i booped her on accident.
I booped your mom last night.
by Naughty Santa June 27, 2009
to lie, to fib or used when a person doesn't believe
yo nigga don't boop!- yo black man don't lie
yo nigga you boopin - yo black man your lying
by young nig day September 05, 2008
Short for

Blown Out Of Proportion

When something said or done is over the top, or exaggerated.

Greg: I dropped a bit of rubbish and i got fined 200 pound!!

Mark: Ah ffs thats boop'd!

'Greg Farts'

Greg: boys i just farted dont boop it...

Boys: (really loud in public while holding their noses) ahhhhhhhhh Greg that STINKS!

Liam: peter crouch is 8ft 2 inches tall

Phil: boop'd
Mark: nahh Liam you're booping it again...
by Hello Bailer July 18, 2008
To take your finger and place it in a girls butt
Look at the ass on that girl, i'm gonna go boop her... hard
by Max Power March 30, 2005
Boop - to define a girl as the most beautiful creature you've ever seen, in a cute or slightly speechless sense.

Boop - to use as a word instead of the word love, when the feelings of love are so intense that a random word such as boop can only describe such intensity.

Boop - a spin off knickname from a famous animated character who just always happens to wear a burlesque wardrobe.
OMG ! she's so s...o ... boop ! ( speechlessly taken aback by a girls beauty )

I boop you so so so much ( when the word love is not enough )

You look just like that ' whatshername boop ' character !
by shoop de boop December 29, 2011

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