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To boop boop means to kiss, circulated and started in San Francisco as typical street slang for kissin, makin out, and swapping saliva.
"Can I get a boop boop and we can boop and then we can woop woop..ya feel me?

See reference for "woop woop"

Can I get a kiss? and we can make out? and then we can do it--you feel me?
by Zimbabwe Bob September 27, 2008
'BOOP BOOP' what you say when you are excited about something or happy to see someone for example as a greeting
'We go on holiday on Monday 'BOOP BOOP'
by BOOP BOOPER September 25, 2006
to pop a couple prescription pills...
if someone says "let me get some boop-boops"...it means give me some pills...or "i need to get me some boop-boops" means: to get basically any good presciption pills...(i.e.) vicodin, valuim, morphine, oxys, somas, adderall...u kno!
by 925, Aaron, or 92fizzle July 02, 2006
Its a cat, usually fat slobiish and ugly, but can also can also be a regular cat.

When you see a boop boop you yell loudly BOOP BOOP and point at it. It will make your day all the better.
Look guys a BOOP BOOP!
by THEBOOPBOOP4EVA May 14, 2008