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A homosexual man’s derogatory term for the brown love hole (aka: anus; rectum; wormhole). Boontang is a modification from the Latin word “Poontang” and is influenced by the recent “Politically Correct” movement.
Patrick: “Wow, look at that meat popsicle!”
Gerald: “I’ll tell you what; I would tongue his boontang for $2.”
by Jeff April 05, 2005
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Similar to "poontang" but for gay guys looking for some ass...
Gay Guy #1: Man, I would sure like to hit some ass.
Gay Guy #2: Let's go out and score some boontang.
by Jack Mehoff April 05, 2005
A spectacular variation derived from poontang but speaking of a gentleman's anal region. A word commonly used by a homosexual male hoping to get laid.
Jiggy's succulent boontang is still bleeding after Jiffy served him some horrific gay pleasure.
by Art Vandeley April 19, 2005
comes from the the word poontang. it is the opposite of poontang. It is an insult.Boontang is bad poontang.
Viking says; look at the poontang up ahead they look like nice poontang from behind. shout at them and see what they look like when they turn around
Pigtorial shouts; Poontang!!
They turn around.
Viking and Pigtorial says; BOONTANG!!!
by Favid October 26, 2005

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