When a girl is sitting (or quite possibly standing) and by the way her pants have settled or bunched up, it appears as if she has a...ahem....hard-on.
Whoa, she has a major boony.
by Amber January 05, 2004
A good old country boy who believes in always doing the right thing.
May or may not also be an ordained minister.
He's a good man, he's a boony.
by Reverend Boony December 08, 2008
A name for an ugly queer, who is also fat.
"I am so god damn sexy!"

"Fuck no, you're a fuckin boony!"
by DeVaSTaTiOn April 30, 2005
A stupid fat motherfucker who thinks he's good looking, but really a loser. He also accuses good people of lying, and demands froof of everything, including what someone had for breakfast.
Stop it, you're being such a Boony today!
by A person who hates Boony. May 01, 2005
your shirt is very boony today
by sarah August 19, 2003
Baggy chlothes wearin', lost his pic in his fro, too stupid to close his mouth when he's drooling, dumb ass nigger.
The boony lived in the ghetto.
by Rufus Wingnut August 21, 2003
Any persons who were employeed by Fort Harrod Drama Productions Inc. of Harrodsburg, Kentucky for sole purpose of producing outdoor drama - theatrical productions including but not limited to "The Legend of Daniel Boone," "Shadows in the Forrest," "Daniel Boone- The Man & The Legend"
"The Boonies kicked Tecumseh's ass in bowling!"
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