A stupid fat motherfucker who thinks he's good looking, but really a loser. He also accuses good people of lying, and demands froof of everything, including what someone had for breakfast.
Stop it, you're being such a Boony today!
by A person who hates Boony. May 01, 2005
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The sticks, in the middle of no where. Usually associated with living out in the country.
Man, I live out in the boonies. It takes an hour an a half to get to the nearest gas station.
by Shelteredashley. November 22, 2002
American, colloquial word for wilderness or places in the middle of nowhere, far from any civilisation
out in the boonies
by lingualtreasure June 03, 2009
A podunk area of the state in which usually nothing, not even shit, happens. Usually near a swampy land area - Which makes it a good place to lure crabs using slabs of raw meat tied to strings and a net to scoop them up with.
A: Argh! I can't believe I'm stuck out in the boonies this early in the morning.
b: Well, you agreed to join me in catching crabs which we must get started on before the sun comes up.
by Vernon Conan Chan January 04, 2005
Po-dunk Towns isolated by country for miles, usually shitholes, commonly found in the Midwest, south and Middle East coast of the USA.
Damn, the car ran out of gas! Looks like we have to walk a mile out to find a gas station in the boonies
by Ttswizzle July 09, 2013
David Boon. The worlds best Cricketer from lil ol' Tasmania, Australia.

Beer Gut on legs
Boony, Ledgend.. Deadset Ledgend!
by bezrock October 23, 2006
A good old country boy who believes in always doing the right thing.
May or may not also be an ordained minister.
He's a good man, he's a boony.
by Reverend Boony December 08, 2008
A name for an ugly queer, who is also fat.
"I am so god damn sexy!"

"Fuck no, you're a fuckin boony!"
by DeVaSTaTiOn April 30, 2005

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