An aesthetically pleasing entity sometimes referred to as Ian Somerhalder. Known for being the cute gay boy on Rules of Attraction, and Boone, the victim of an unfortunate plane mishap in the first season of Lost. Most recently, Boone became the only worthwhile character on a CW series entitled "The Vampire Diaries," otherwise known as Dawn Ostroff's one shining moment as President of Entertainment of The CW Television Network. In said series, the lesser characters for whatever reason refer to Boone as "Damon." Who knows what that slander is about.
Hey, I'm watching The Vampire Diaries. The only worthwhile character is Boone. He just ate a bunch of people and washed them down with hard liquor. Now he's making a bonfire out of their bodies. I bet he's doing this so Walt and Vincent can stay warm. Boone is so altruistic, my moral compass has just decided the give the fuck up.
by krist krist April 18, 2011
An ugly creature in the class of 7G. Can be used to make fun of people, by calling them ugly, stupid, weird etc. Or you could use them in ways to say how you did on a test or something.
*Haley trips*
Kennedy-Haha your such a boone.

Cassidy:I totally booned that test...
by 7G rocks. July 28, 2009
Being sneaky deciving or a complete dick head.No one wants to be a boone nor hang out with a boone.
Dan: Dude Rick your mom is a complete milf i so want to fuck her!!
Rick: Dan stop being a Boone
by KillerHead3522 April 09, 2009
The act of redoing someones jokes in a very poor manor, often losing some or all of the initial humor.
why does Jeremy have to Boone my bro's jokes.
by Glenndale June 20, 2004

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