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Boone - To be boone is to be superior in every single way.
I am Boone!
by Toad Stool March 27, 2003
295 182
Noun. An unwanted erection of the male penis; causing discomfort, nervousness, an all around awkwardness, Often resulting in an uncomfortable situation. A boone is a relative to morning wood.
:Me and this girl were dancing at a club and I got a boone.
:Josh I got a boone when your grandma walked by.
:I got a boone while watching that one scene in broke back mountain.
:Guys I booned in church today.
:I have been booning a lot lately
by Matthew Karl August 19, 2007
70 63
when driving around in the boonedocks smoking some bud with your buds
me: you trying to go on a boone?
you: yea come pick me in ten
by villionare January 04, 2011
21 16
A funny guy who's real name is Bobby.
Hey look there's Boone trying to get TG's phone number.
by Poone August 04, 2012
5 3
An adorable little boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. Going to get all the ladies when he gets older. Going to be very caring and loving.
by Boooooooooooone December 11, 2013
0 0
A scale quite like the Richter scale, but used to measure the pervertedness of a phrase or sentence.
Andi walks in wearing thigh high stilletos and a dress.

Cody: "Did you just get off work?"

Tim: "That comment gets at least three Boones"
by CBAM!!! December 08, 2011
0 0
One word. Beast. Always on top, in sex and all else. No one stops a Boone.

Also derived from the tight knit family gang derived in Texas.
Don't mess with a Boone
by GODBOONE May 09, 2011
8 8
One or More Hipsters that are idiotic and talk in hipster slang. Usually refers to younger hipsters.
Those boones over there are listening to dumb music.
by IamTugboat August 02, 2011
2 4