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The newest artist on Psychopathic records. He is from Covington, Georgia, making him the first southern rapper on the label. He sports flannel shirts, scarecrow-esque facepaint, and a straw hat. His debut album is The Harvest. He's head and shoulders above most other artists on that label.
Good Boondox songs: Sippin on down, angel like, lake of fire, out here
by BallsMcManus July 19, 2006
the most hardcore horrorcore rappper on psychopathic records.
Did you go to the boondox show last night?
by new england destroyer October 29, 2011
Any fag from Jacksonville, Illinois, who plays Evony and likes to smoke pole.
that guy's a real boondox.
by Scrotey McBoogerballz August 24, 2012